Creating IDocs in Parallel

IDocs can only be created in parallel in different dialog processes, if master data is sent directly. In contrast, the program RBDMIDOC to process change pointers uses only one dialog process.

There are no benefits of creating IDocs in parallel for distributing transaction data in ALE, because this mainly involves single events which cannot be accelerated by running dialog processes at the same time.

You must specify a server group for creating IDocs in parallel. The server group comprises the application servers, whose available dialog processes are used to create IDocs. Two dialog processes remain unused on every application server in a server group.

There might be only one application server in a server group. Local dialog processes create the IDocs in parallel.

To define the server group in ALE Customizing choose:

  Create RFC Connections (SM59)

Then to create groups, choose RFC ® RFC Groups

It is better to create IDocs in parallel when sending large quantities of master data.

Choose Tools ® ALE ® Master data distribution ® Cross-application ® Material ® Send, then the required master data and function.

You can only create IDocs in parallel, if the name of the required server group is entered on the Send material screen.

Because two dialog processes remain unused on every application server in a server group, make sure there are enough dialog processes available on the application servers.