Scheduling IDoc Posting

There are two ways of posting IDocs in ALE inbound processing:

·        Immediate processing:

Upon receipt inbound IDocs are immediately released for posting. ALE inbound processing splits the IDoc packets into individual IDocs.

·        Background processing

Inbound IDocs and IDoc packets are first saved in the database. IDoc packets are split into single IDocs beforehand.

The program RBDAPP01 later releases the saved IDocs for processing. Single IDocs can be put into packets and then processed.

Perform the following steps:

1.       Set-up background processing (IDoc/ALE area menu):

IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Runtime Settings ® Partner Profiles (WE20)

Then the required setting is: In the detail screen Inbound Parameters select the option Trigger by background program.

2.       Schedule posting (ALE customizing):

Transaction SALE ® Set-Up System Monitoring ®
         Posting IDocs in Recipient System

You can also process the IDocs manually by passing them to the posting function module.  In ALE Administration choose Monitoring ®Status Monitor (BD87), select the IDocs and then select Process.

You should choose background processing, especially if large data volumes are to be distributed.  System performance is better.

Packet Processing can be used to process individual inbound IDocs in the background. A function module capable of mass processing is required for this. Processing IDocs in Parallel has further advantages for inbound processing.