Monitoring the Status of Inbound IDocs Using ALE Audit


Using ALE audit you can monitor the processing status of dispatched IDocs in the receiving system (inbound) from the sending SAP system. The receiving SAP system periodically sends confirmation messages to the sending system. These confirmations are logged in IDoc status records and in separate audit tables in the sending system.

Connections are also created between IDocs in the sending system and IDocs in the receiving system.

A report program on the sending system analyzes the audit database.


Confirmations can only be dispatched, if you have defined a message flow for message type ALEAUD in the distribution model.

Choose the following activity in ALE Customizing:

Transaction SALE ® Set-Up System Monitoring ® Set-Up IDoc Confirmation in Receiver System (ALE Audit) ®Configure Distribution Model for ALE Audit (BD64).

To improve performance, confirmations are dispatched periodically for packets of IDocs rather than for individual IDocs. Confirmations have a special ALEAUD01 IDoc with message type ALEAUD.

The filter object message type (MESTYP) provides a more detailed specification. You can use this filter object type to set the message types for generating audit confirmations. As a rule, you do not have to send confirmations for all message types. For example, it is quite likely that confirmations will not be necessary for master data. If the MESTYP filter object type is not used all IDocs are confirmed by ALEAUD in the receiver system.


In the receiver system you have to make the settings for periodic confirmations. You can also send confirmations directly.

When confirmations are sent (program RBDSTATE), IDocs of message type ALEAUD are generated containing information about the processing state of inbound IDocs. An audit IDoc contains confirmations for up to 500 IDocs. If there are more IDocs to be confirmed, several audit IDocs are generated. A list of the generated IDocs is displayed.  If an IDoc cannot be generated or an error occurs, a message is displayed.

IDocs whose statuses have recently changed are selected. Because almost every IDoc activity (e.g. creation, successful posting/ unsuccessful posting in an application) alters the status of the IDoc, it is precisely these IDocs which have in some way or other been processed.

Setting Periodic Confirmations

So that audit data can be confirmed periodically back to the sending system, you have to use the program RBDSTATE to specify a variant and schedule a background job in the receiving system.

Choose the following activity in ALE Customizing:

 Set-Up System Monitoring ® Set-Up IDoc Confirmation in Recipient System (ALE Audit) ® Confirm Audit Data ® Specify Variant. 

Schedule this variant as a background job:

Choose SAP menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® Periodic Jobs ® Inbound ® Set-Up IDoc Confirmation in Recipient System.

You can schedule confirmations at hourly or daily intervals.

To display an aggregated overview of all periodic confirmations you can Analyze the Audit Database in the sending system.

Sending Confirmations Directly

To send confirmations directly to the sending system, in the status monitor choose Goto ® ALE Audit ® Send confirmations.

The selection parameters allow you to regulate in which systems and for which message types, confirmations should be generated.

You have to enter a start and end date for the change period.