Administering ALE Functions


Application Link Enabling (ALE) enables you to exchange data within a system group. You can use ALE to send Customizing data, transaction data, and master data to other systems as IDocs. This is implemented as part of a distribution model.

Application Link Enabling provides you with a range of administration tools: The activities are divided into the following areas:


?     The ALE administration functions are in the SAP Menu under Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration.

?     Some of the activities listed below are performed in Customizing (IMG). For the ALE-specific section, call transaction SPRO and choose SAP Reference IMG ® SAP NetWeaver ® Application Server ® IDoc Interface/ Application Link Enabling (ALE).

The individual sections of the IMG provide you with background information and specific instructions for each activity. Here you will also find information about the required settings.


Perform the activities listed here before you start to use ALE:

Transporting Customizing Data from Maintenance Systems into Receiver Systems

Serialization of Messages

Converting Data Between Sender and Receiver

Periodic Tasks

If you use change pointers to distribute master data, you must perform the following activities at regular intervals:

Periodic Master Data Distribution (Change Pointer)

Tasks on Demand

You need to perform the following tasks if errors or inconsistencies occur in ALE communication:

Monitoring IDoc Processing and tRFC Communication

Recovering Data (Point-In-Time Recovery) in ALE Systems

Other Tasks

Optimizing ALE Performance

Converting Logical Systems (Assigning Unique System Names)