Translator Programs for Communication


Translation programs are used to connect non-SAP systems to ALE. They must be certified by SAP.


Translators are typically used for:

·        Mapping IDocs to any structure required in non-SAP systems

·        Controlling communication such as establishing and restarting connections.


SAP Translator/External System Interaction


Translators are supplied from external vendors. SAP certifies the programs to ensure that communication between the ALE interface and the translator is functioning correctly.

The following criteria are checked for the certification:

·        Can the translator automatically copy the IDoc structures into its own repository?

·        Can the translator take an IDoc from an SAP system and interpret the information based on its repository data?

·        Does the translator have adequate mapping functionality?

·        Can the translator pass the IDoc created back to the SAP system?

The certification itself does not evaluate the functions provided in the program.