Connections to Non-SAP Systems

ALE is not restricted to communication between SAP systems, it can also be used for connecting SAP Systems to non-SAP systems.

By using IDocs as universal information containers, ALE can reduce the number of different application interfaces to one single interface that can either send IDocs from an SAP system or receive IDocs in an SAP system.

SAP certified Translator Programs can convert IDoc structures into customer-defined structures.

Alternatively, the RFC interface for sending and receiving IDocs can be used in non-SAP systems.

In both cases you need the RFC Library of the RFC Software Development Kit (RFC-SDK).

Communication from an SAP System to a Non-SAP System

Communication from a Non-SAP System to an SAP System


You can find an example of an IDoc interface to non-SAP systems in the documentation Interfaces to Link Mobile Data Entry and Warehouse Control Unit.

·         For information on the technical implementation see ALE Programming Guide.

·         You can find the requirements for the certification of interfaces in SAPnet under
Choose Cross Application, CA-ALE and CA-AMS.