ALE and the SAP Procedure Model

The SAP Procedure Model supports you when you implement SAP products across applications. The model is like a phase model, whereby worksteps are assigned to each phase and one or more Customizing worksteps are associated with each phase.

When implementing ALE functions you should refer to the SAP Procedure Model to ensure that the SAP system is implemented in a well structured way.

If ALE is to be supported in an SAP system installation, implementation of the SAP Procedure Model is affected at four points:

·        Determining functions and processes

·        Specifying global settings

·        Modeling company structure

·        Modeling control data and master data

If ALE business processes are supported, functions and processes must be defined on a cross-system basis. The message types exchanged between the systems are defined in the distribution model.

When defining organizational units like company codes and plants in the SAP system, it is important to note that these have to be unique worldwide, across all systems. For example, the plant 0001 can only exist in one SAP system.