Creating a Task (Inbound Processing Using Workflow)

In this step, you create a task for inbound processing which is processed in the background. The task refers to your new object method. Alternatively, you can define a workflow.


You must have completed the required steps in Defining and Using a Basic Type .

Creating a Task


       1.      Wдhlen Sie SAP Menь ® Werkzeuge ® IDoc-Schnittstelle/ALE ® Entwicklung ® Business Workflow -Entwicklung ® Aufgaben/Aufgabengruppen ® Anlegen(PFTC_INS). Task type: Standard. Enter a task abbreviation.

Choose  and save.

When saving, assign the task to the same package as your other development objects (basic type, function group and so on).

       2.      Assign possible agents to the task: Choose Additional data ® Agent assignment ® Maintain. You only have to carry out this step if you do not set the Background processing indicator.

You can maintain the task as a general task by selecting Attributes.

       3.      Enter the object type and method and set an indicator for the task according to the processing type (for example, for background processing). Change the release status to implemented. Save your entries.

Make the following entries for the example:

Task abbreviation




Object type



Background processing

Agent assignment

None (there are no agents for background tasks)