Comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server High Availability Solution


You can combine the following products from Microsoft to achieve a comprehensive high availability solution:

·        Microsoft SQL Server Standby Database to prevent data loss

·        Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) on Windows to increase availability

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Comprehensive Microsoft High Availability Solution with Cluster and Standby


The following table compares the standby database with MSCS:



Standby Database

·        Prevents data loss

·        Physically remote units

·        Separate and distinct SQL server and database instances

·        Separate disks and other key system resources

·        Good disaster recovery solution

·        Standby node can be used for read-only access

·        Requires manual intervention following failure

·        Not automatic

·        Slow recovery following failure


·        Increases availability by reducing unplanned downtime

·        Rapid failover

·        Automatic failover

·        Good solution for “frozen” operating system or application

·        Shared disk is single point of failure (SPOF)

·        Not normally geographically separate

·        Transaction rollback to point-in-time not provided

·        Spare resources kept in “waiting” status