SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP: High Availability


This section describes the features of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP to achieve high availability. We describe the causes of downtime and the effects of such failures. We also describe how you can avoid or decrease downtime for the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP.

This part of the documentation refers to the SAP NetWeaver ASABAP.

For more information on SAP NetWeaver AS Java, see SAP NetWeaver AS Java: High Availability.

For more information on SAP NetWeaver technical infrastructure, see the Technical Infrastructure Guide: SAP NetWeaver 2004s, which you can find on SAP Service Marketplace at


You need to consider all levels of a SAP system running SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP:

·        Hardware and operating system

·        Network

·        Database

For more information on switchover software, see Switchover Software for High Availability.


The following table shows when you might find the information useful to improve the high availability of your SAP system:


More Information

Reduce failures in the SAP system

System Failure (SAP NetWeaver AS)

Upgrade an SAP system

Upgrade (AS-ABAP)

Improve SAP archiving

Data Archiving (AS-ABAP)

Improve the SAP spool service

Spool Service (AS-ABAP)

Convert and reorganize SAP tables

Incremental Table Conversion (AS-ABAP)

Update kernel but not applications

Downward-Compatible Kernel (AS-ABAP)

Transport into production SAP system

Transports (AS-ABAP)


You need to consider planned downtime to change:

·        Applications

You can change applications while the system is online, which means that only the changed application is unavailable. All other applications remain available.

·        Services of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

You have to make such changes offline, which means that SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP is not available.