Switchover Software for High Availability


This section describes switchover software, an advanced technology that has been developed to improve systems availability for the hardware and system software that support the SAP system in environments where host machines are grouped in clusters. As the name switchover implies, services can be automatically switched from a failed host to a standby host in the event of failure, allowing continuation of SAP system operation. This section focuses on the switchover technology that is available for the SAP services to provide resilience in the event of host machine failure.

Implementation Considerations

Switchover software is inherently complex. Therefore, for detailed technical guidance when implementing a specific product or feature, be sure to contact the appropriate source, such as your SAP consultant, the SAP Competence Center, and so on.


High availability for the SAP system should be part of a system-wide strategy. Therefore, you should also consider all components of the system, including the SAP system itself, the database, the network, and so on.


Here we discuss general aspects of switchover software in relation to SAP systems, mostly in terms relevant to both UNIX and Windows operating systems. For a more detailed technical discussion of the use of switchover products for the SAP system, see the following documentation:

·        SAP Net Weaver installation guides, which you can find on SAP Service Marketplace at:


·        Technical Infrastructure Guide: SAP NetWeaver 2004s on SAP Service Marketplace at: