General Attribute Maintenance (Infotype 1222)


Infotype, in which you can store as much data on Organizational Management objects as you require.


The infotype allows you to store data generically in the form of key values (or value ranges). Data can be divided logically using scenarios.

Every attribute (key/value pair) has particular characteristics, for example

  • a reference to the Data Dictionary
  • specific F4 help
  • special types of inheritance

These characteristics must be determined in the same way as the permitted attributes per scenario in Customizing.

The data from the organizational plan can be read in order to, for example, find the organizational unit responsible for an order.

This infotype is only used in Customer Relationship Management.


Each scenario corresponds to a subtype of infotype 1222. All necessary modules for reading attributes are grouped in the function group RHOMATTRBIUTES.


You can access Customizing for the scenarios and attributes via the viewcluster T77OMATTR.