Slow Response Times for Some Users, Good Response Times for Other Users


The SAP extended memory is completely filled; dialog work processes are switched to PRIV mode.


Use transaction sm50 to determine the work processes in the PRIV mode.

Possible causes /Corrective action

In this example, work processes 5 and 6 cannot allocate any more extended memory because the pool is used up, although its limit for ztta/roll_extension would still allow extended memory. They switch into PRIV mode prematurely (see Allocating Memory for User Contexts)


Increase the SAP extended memory pool (em/initial_size_MB: Size of Extended Memory Pool) to prevent work processes being switched to PRIV Mode.

  • The limit for the extended memory is too low for most user contexts (set with parameter ztta/roll_extension). Many contexts allocate heap memory and switch to PRIV mode.


Increase the limit for the extended memory using ztta/roll_extension.

  • The limit for the extended memory is too high. A few user contexts can completely fill the entire extended memory, whereby other processes are switched into PRIV mode before the limit is reached.

Reduce the limit on the extended memory (defined in ztta/roll_extension), or increase the extended memory (see em/initial_size_MB).