OSF/1 from DEC: Memory Allocation Problems


Under the operating system OSF/1 from the Digital Equipment Corporation and under UNIX operating systems (64-bit), SAP processes are terminated with the following error message: "mprotect failed, rc = 12 error code ENOMEN (not enough core)".

Corrective action

The cause of the problem may be that the value of the OSF/1 kernel parameter VPAGEMAX has not been increased. You must increase this parameter value so that the SAP memory management system can be used.

You can find detailed information on increasing the parameter VPAGEMAX under OSF/1 in the SAP installation guide OS Dependencies. You receive this document with all SAP installation and upgrade packages.

You can find additional information on VPAGEMAX in the man-page mprotect under OSF/1, return code ENOMEN.

The value for VPAGEMAX is calculated in the following way: The sum of values for all SAP system profile parameters em/initial_size_MB on all SAP application servers of the host system divided by its page size:

S (initial_size_MB of all SAP servers)/page size