Determining the Swap Space Currently Available (UNIX)


The program memlimits lets you determine how much swap space is currently available in the host system.

To start the program memlimits:

/usr/sap/<SYSTEM NAME>/SYS/exe/run/memlimits | more

Start the SAP program memlimits from the UNIX command line to determine the available swap space on the host system, where an SAP application server is to be started.

The application must be stopped for this.

You can monitor the memory resources (including the swap space) of an SAP server that is in operation using transaction st06 (see Monitoring Memory Resources Using Transaction st06).


The available swap space is given at the end of the program output in the output line Total available swap space: . The program also specifies, if the amount of swap space is adequate and determines the size of the file segments in the system.