Profile Parameters of Memory Management


Profile parameters enable you to set up your memory management system to get maximum benefit from it. By setting the parameters correctly, you can adjust memory management exactly to your resources and requirements.


The default parameter settings usually ensure the smooth operation of your memory management system. Monitoring the Memory Management System enables you to uncover possible weak spots.

This section explains what each parameter does. The different settings for each platform are described in the Platform-Specific Description of Memory Management.


The parameters govern how the memory management system behaves and restrict it so that it does not exceed operating system or hardware limitations.  Certain parameters may restrict individual work processes, and quotas may limit resources used by all work processes, for example, the extended memory. There are also parameters that are used for configuring the memory management statistics.

Controlling Memory Management

abap/heaplimit: Work Process Restart

Memory Management Resources for One Work Process

ztta/roll_extension: Limit for Extended Memory

ztta/roll_extension_dia: EM Quota for Dialog Work Processes

ztta/roll_extension_nondia: EM Quota for Non-Dialog Work Processes

abap/heap_area_dia: Heap Memory Limit for Dialog Work Processes

abap/heap_area_nondia: Heap Memory Limit for Non-Dialog Work Processes

abap/heap_area_total: Total Quota for Heap Memory

ztta/roll_area: Roll Area

ztta/roll_first: Size of the Initial Allocation from the Roll Area

Memory Management Limitations

abap/heap_area_total: Heap Memory Limit

em/initial_size_MB: Extended Memory Pool Size

rdisp/ROLL_SHM: Roll Buffer Size

rdisp/ROLL_MAXFS: Maximum Roll File Size

rdisp/PG_SHM: Size of the Paging Buffer

rdisp/PG_MAXFS: Maximum Size of SAP Paging File

em/blocksize_KB: Segment Size for the Extended Memory

Memory Management Statistics

em/stat_log_size_MB: Statistics - User Context Size

em/stat_log_timeout: Statistics - User Context Size

Parameters for controlling the Release of SAP Memory for the Operating System