Data Segment Size (UNIX)

The data segment size restricts the size of a user context that is executed as an SAP background job. The default value is 64 MB, which is however, not sufficient and should be increased.

Set the data segment size for a process to the following values:

UNIX Operating System

Data Segment Size

32 bit Linux systems

Increase data segment size to approx. 600 MB.

64 bit UNIX systems

Set data segment size to at least 2048 MB.

Under IBM AIX the maximum size of a segment is 256 MB (see Configuration for AIX).

You can check data segment sizes using the SAP test program memlimits. (You must stop the SAP server to do this.) Note the output row that appears as follows: Process xxxxx allocating. The segment size is displayed in the row Size =.

For more detailed information, please refer to the SAP installation guide in the section covering UNIX kernel parameters.