Configuration for UNIX


Check that your host system fulfills the SAP recommendations for main memory and swap space.

Check the resources and system-specific requirements on all host systems on which an SAP server is to be installed. For more information, see Operating System and Hardware Requirements.

Note that for UNIX platforms (Linux excepted) only 64 bit is supported still.  This enables memory management that is practically maintenance-free.


Profile Parameters

Set the SAP profile parameters that influence the memory management system. Normally the default values are just right and you do not have to change them here.

For more information on what each parameter does, see Profile Parameters of Memory Management, and for more information on parameter settings see Setting the Profile Parameters.

The configuration of Memory Management under IBM AIX is different to other UNIX systems. The configuration for AIX memories is described in more detail in Configuration for AIX.

SAP note no. 97497 describes the parameter settings for the different platforms.

The following notes contain platform-specific information for the different UNIX variants:


Note Number

Short text




Improving Performance Using Shared Memory Pools


Note Number

Short text


OSF1 kernel parameters for 3.0x memory management


Entries in /etc/sysconfigtab under DEC Unix    


Digital Unix, swap allocation with huge systems 


See Configuration for AIX

Swap Space

Configure sufficient swap space. SAP recommends 20 GB of swap space. For more information see:

Determining Swap Space Requirements (UNIX)

Determining the Swap Space Currently Available (UNIX)