Memory Management under UNIX


The memory management system is automatically activated and configured using your entries during the installation or the upgrade.


Before you install or upgrade the SAP system, ensure that the host system(s) on which the SAP application server is set up fulfill all the requirements, particularly regarding main memory and swap space.

For more information, see the following section of documentation:

Operating System and Hardware Requirements.

Also refer to the installation checklist and the installation documentation OS Dependencies.


See the section Implementing Memory Management (UNIX).

There are two different implementations for Linux. For more information, see Memory Management under Linux.


Configuring the Memory Management System

The memory management system is preconfigured in the course of the installation/upgrade procedure. The installation/upgrade program requires information about the host system and sets the memory management parameters for each procedure either to the default values or to the values corresponding to the input. This preconfiguration is valid for the host system on which you perform the installation, and for the server you set up during the installation.

Also see the section Configuration for UNIX.

Checking the Operation of the Memory Management System and Setting Parameters

For more information, see the following section of documentation:

Monitoring the Memory Management System

Profile Parameters of Memory Management

Further Details

The table below summarizes important SAP notes on the topic of memory management, which can be found in SAPNet.

Note Number


Operating System


Diagnosing memory problems



Memory management in releases as of 3.0C, UNIX and NT

UNIX, Windows


Inconsistencies in memory consumption display



NT: transactions with high memory requirement



Configuration on hosts with a large amount of RAM