The Appointment Calendar (BC-SRV-GBT)


The appointment calendar allows you to organize your appointments and to find out about the appointments of other employees. Appointments are managed centrally and can be taken into consideration when other appointments are planned in your company.


The appointment calendar is integrated in various SAP applications, for example, processing of sales orders or working with activities in Customer Relationship Management. The appointment calendar is also available as an independent application. Appointment maintenance is not application-specific. This means that appointments that you created for sales orders are also displayed in your activities view and vice versa.


The appointment calendar supports you in your appointment planning with the following functions:

  • You can switch between a daily, weekly, or monthly view when displaying your appointments.
  • You can work with individual appointments, group appointments, and periodic appointments. You can create a detailed description for each appointment.
  • A search function supports you when searching for times without appointments for several users. External appointment data published on a Web server can also be considered in the search.
  • Appointments can block or reserve a time period or they can leave it free. Appointments that leave a time period free are not considered as appointments in the search for free times.
  • All employees involved in a group appointment are notified automatically when the appointment is created or changed. This is also the case for external participants. The appointment can then be entered automatically in the relevant SAP calendars or external calendars, provided these support the iCalendar standard. The group appointment is also updated automatically when responses, such as accepted or declined, are received.
  • A substitute concept enables each user to assign authorizations to other employees for displaying and maintaining their appointments.
  • Various time-zone functions support you when planning appointments in different time zones.

Some important functions are called by selecting the object concerned (for example, day, week, month or appointment), others by double-clicking on it. For more information, see Working with the Appointment Calendar.

You can maintain the SAP appointment calendar from other user interfaces, for example, a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. For more information, see The Appointment Calendar in the Internet and Calendar Integration.

An interface is available for integrated appointment management. Developers who integrate the appointment calendar into their application can find more information under Business Appointment Services.