Open items 30-60-90 (PSCD)

Query Query: 0PSCD_C01_Q0001

Open FI-CA items are displayed in this query. In contrast to query 0FC_C01_Q0001, in this query dimensions from Public Sector Management (PSM), characteristics specific to Public Sector Collection and Disbursement (PSCD), and characteristics specific to Grantor are represented. You can use this query instead of query 0FC_C01_Q0001 if you use PSCD or Grantor.


Free Characteristics
Object Type Name Technical Name
Characteristic Characteristic Country 0COUNTRY
Characteristic Characteristic BAS: Postal code 0POSTALCODE 8
Characteristic Characteristic Division 0DIVISION
Characteristic Characteristic Dunning procedures 0CADUNN_PRC
Characteristic Characteristic Dunning level 0FCDUNN_LEV
Characteristic Characteristic Commitment item 0FCCOLLITEM
Characteristic Characteristic Agreement header number 0GTR_AGH_ID
Characteristic Characteristic Business partner 0BPARTNER
Characteristic Characteristic FM area 0FM_AREA
Characteristic Characteristic Funded program 0PU_MEASURE
Characteristic Characteristic Fund 0FUND
Characteristic Characteristic Funds center FUNDS_CTR
Characteristic Characteristic Commitment item 0CMMT_ITEM
Characteristic Characteristic Functional area 0FUNC_AREA
Characteristic Characteristic Grant 0GRANT_NBR
Characteristic Characteristic Local currency 0CURKEY_LC
Object Type Name Technical Name Value Restriction / Calculation
Characteristic Characteristic Business area 0BUS_AREA

Characteristic Characteristic Company code 0COMP_CODE

Object Type Name Technical Name Value Restriction / Calculation
Characteristic Characteristic Key date 0FC_KEYDATE

Characteristic Characteristic Clearing grid 0FC_DELAY
Key Figure Key Figure Open item 0FC_OI