Composite Application Framework Core (CAF Core) defines instance- and class-based authorizations at design time. At runtime, the following roles CAFAdmin and CAFUIAdmin are to be implemented. A description of these standard roles delivered with and used in all configuration aspects of CAF Core are listed in the table below:




With the CAF Administrator, you permit configuration of data source assignments of entity services, as well as the import of external services.


With the CAF User Interface (UI) Administrator, you permit the creation of user interface components.

These roles are created with the initial installation of SAP NetWeaver, they must however be manually set up if upgrading from previous versions of CAF Core. See the SAP NetWeaver configuration details in Solution Manager under the scenario for Developing, Configuration, and Adapting Applications:  Creating Composite Applications  ® Composite Application Framework Core Configuration Guide  ® Setting Up Roles for more information.