Go and Create

We provide instructions for first development in the following areas:

BI Integrated Planning: Modeling Planning Scenarios

You use the planning modeler and the planning wizard to model, administer, and test all the metadata that belongs to a planning scenario.

For information about creating planning models, see Modeling Planning Scenarios.

BI Integrated Planning: Implementing Planning Function Types

Planning function types are parameterizable processes that change transaction data within BI Integrated Planning.

For information about creating planning function types, see Implementing Planning Function Types.

Analysis Process Design

Analysis processes allow you to explore and identify complex relations between BI data in a simple way.

For information on creating a simple analysis process using the Analysis Process Designer, see Creating Analysis Processes.

Data Mining

You create a model for a data mining method so that you can apply the method according to your business requirements.

For information on creating a model in the Data Mining Workbench, see Creating, Changing and Activating Models.