Checklist for Business Planning

What you need to check…

Modeling the Planning Model

If you have created an aggregation level for BI Integrated Planning and want to execute reporting with reference to the planning on the same InfoProvider, on which the aggregation level is based, use the aggregation level as the DataProvider for the reporting query.

Adhere to the following naming conventions: for the input-ready query, _IRQ0001, and for the reporting query, _Q0001.

You can create and use filters in the planning modeler and in the BEx Query Designer. Do not create filters with the same filter definition in both tools. Use the description texts that are useful in both tools. Note that a filter describes the data to be changed and not the reference data. 

Similar to filters, you can also create and use variables in the planning modeler as well as in the BEx Query Designer. Note the naming conventions described above.