Configuring the Role of the Integration Server


The Integration Server is configured as a central Integration Engine and performs all required integration logic. It is not able, however, to execute application logic.

This task corresponds to template step 19.


Perform the following steps:


       1.      On your Integration Server host, call transaction SXMB_ADM.

       2.      On the Integration Engine: Administration screen, choose Integration Engine Configuration.

Logon data for the user PISUPER is required.

The Integration Engine: Configuration Data screen appears.

       3.      Choose Edit ® Change Global Configuration Data.

       4.      In the Global Configuration Data box, select Integration Serveras Role of Business System.

Leave the other fields empty.

       5.      Save your settings.

Within the same function you can specify additional configuration data (settings for monitoring and error handling, for example). Check all parameter default values (especially for logging and tracing) to ensure that they meet your requirements.

To do this, select the relevant category under Specific Configuration Data and choose Change Specific Configuration Data.

The system displays the Configuration screen where you enter the configuration parameters that you require for the selected category.

For more information, see Displaying/Changing Configuration Data.