Configuration of Business Systems with an Integration Engine

The Integration Engine is the runtime environment of SAP NetWeaver usage type Process Integration. It controls the messaging process (receiving, processing, and forwarding) to and from the central Integration Server.

Before configuring business systems with an Integration Engine, ensure the following:

·        For business systems based on SAP Web Application Server (AS) 6.20:

You have installed the XI Add-On in each of these business systems as described in the Installation Guide – SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0.

·        If you want to generate new ABAP proxies on your business systems based on SAP Web AS 6.20:

Use SAP Web AS 6.20 kernel patch level 1253. See SAP Notes 675441 and 721160.

·        The business systems and your central Integration Server are maintained in the System Landscape Directory (SLD).

For the central Integration Server, the following Common Information Model (CIM) objects must have been instantiated in the SLD:

·        Use the Technical Landscape under System Landscape to describe your Integration Server technically.

This is not necessary if your Integration Server is configured as a data supplier for the SLD.

·        Use the XI Landscape under System Landscape to define the business system with the role of an Integration Engine and define the corresponding Integration Server.

For more information, see SAP System Landscape Directory.