Maintaining a Business System for the Integration Server


A business system with the role of an Integration Server must be defined in the SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD).

This task corresponds to template step 8.


Perform the following steps:


       1.      On the SLD start page of your SLD host, choose Business Systems.

The Business Systems page appears.

       2.      Choose New Business System….

The Business System Wizard appears.

       3.      Select system type Web AS ABAP and choose Next.

       4.      Select the technical system for your business system by selecting the system (<SAPSID on host name>) and client of your Integration Server and choose Next.

       5.      Enter a name for your business system and choose Next.

An installed products list appears.

       6.      If there are products displayed on the left that are not installed on the system, deselect them by deselecting the Installed indicator and choose Next.

       7.      Select Integration Server as the role of the business system and enter the following in the Pipeline URL field:


In this Internet address, <host> and <HTTPport> are the ABAP host name and port number of the Integration Server. You can find <HTTPport> by logging on to the Integration Server and running transaction SMICM (choose Goto ® Services and check the entry for HTTP).

       8.      Choose Finish.

       9.      Make sure that the host name of the Integration Server specified in the SLD matches the name specified in the exchange profile (in section Connections, If there is a mismatch, change the name specified in the exchange profile so that it matches the one specified in the SLD.

If you change the host name of the Integration Server after the installation in either the SLD or the exchange profile, you must adjust it accordingly in the exchange profile or the SLD, respectively.