Maintaining an IDoc Communication Channel


Use the Integration Directory to define a communication channel for the IDoc adapter as described in the following steps.


       1.      Specify the RFC destination to the IDoc receiver system as defined on the Integration Server with transaction SM59. With this destination, the IDoc adapter sends the IDoc by using RFC.

       2.      Specify the segment version.

An empty field is recommended and is the default setting, because then the newest version is always used. A valid value consists of three digits, for example 45A, and represents a version equal to or lower than the one you specified in the SAP Release field.

If you enter an invalid value, for example 4, the following runtime error is displayed:

Segment versions missing, table EDISDEF is empty

       3.      Specify the port defined with transaction IDX2 on the Integration Server. The IDoc adapter uses this port to retrieve the IDoc metadata. The port definition again uses an RFC destination to obtain the IDoc structure by using RFC. For example, you can define that system A is used to retrieve the IDoc metadata and that system B is the IDoc receiver system. This has to be done if the IDoc receiver system is a non-SAP system.

The receiver port in the generated IDoc control header is always empty.

       4.      Specify the SAP Release, which determines which function module is used to retrieve the corresponding IDoc metadata.

Make sure that you specify the correct function module, that is:

Ў        INBOUND_IDOC_PROCESS (for example, for 8 character IDoc types, that is SAP Releases 3.0 and 3.1)

Ў        IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS (for example, for 30-character IDoc types, that is SAP Releases 4.0 and higher)

       5.      Select the check box Queue-Processing.

Function module IDOC_INBOUND_IN_QUEUE is called (available only in SAP NetWeaver ’04 or higher) if the quality of service in the message header is EOIO. Otherwise, function module IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS is called.

See also Configuring the Receiver IDoc Adapter.