Properties Related to Monitoring

The Following Properties are Related to Monitoring




Comma-separated list of names for the message field columns to be displayed in the native message monitoring tool of the messaging service. Possible values are described below.

Default: fromParty, toParty, status, timesFailedRetries, sentRecvTime

Possible values are:

messageId, refToMsgId, conversationId, fromParty, fromService, toParty, toService, action, messageType, connectionName, status, profile, transport, deliverySemantics, timesFailedRetries, sentRecvTime, transDelvTime, scheduleTime, persistUntil, validUntil, nodeId

This property is related to the native monitoring tool of the messaging system, which is not officially supported. The message display tool (MDT) of the Runtime Workbench can be used to monitor messages. For further information, see Message Monitoring.