Creating RFC Destinations in the ABAP Environment


In the ABAP environment, you need to create the RFC destination INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI used for the cache update.

This task covers the template steps 9 to 13.


Perform the following steps:


       1.      Log on to your Integration Server host.

       2.      Call transaction SM59.

       3.      Choose Create.

       4.      Enter at least the following:


0     Connection type: H

0     Description: <your description>

       5.      Choose ENTER.

       6.      Choose the following tabs and enter the required data:

0     Technical Settings

¦      Target Host: host name of the J2EE engine

¦      Service No.: HTTP port number (the following naming convention applies: 5<Java_instance_number>00 а 50000, if your Java instance is 00)

¦      Path Prefix:  /dir/CacheRefresh

0     Security/Logon

¦      Select Basic Authentication, confirm the popup, and ignore the warning.

¦      As logon data enter the client of your Integration Server and the user PIISUSER with the valid password.

Save your entry now, before you switch to next tab, otherwise your entries may be lost.

Choose ENTER to go to the next screen.

0     Special Options

¦      Timeout: 30000

¦      HTTP Settings: HTTP Version: HTTP 1.0, Compression: inactive, Compressed Response: No

¦      HTTP Cookies: Accept Cookies: Yes (All)

       7.      Choose Test Connection.

The test has been executed successfully if the response status code is 500 and you find REQID not found in the HTTP body.

       8.      Save your settings.