Exchange Profile Parameters

The exchange profile is an XML document, which is stored in the main database of PI. The parameters of the exchange profile documented here define some basic technical settings. Most of these parameters are initialized automatically during the installation phase, but in some cases the administrator may need to maintain them.

The available profile sections (red squares) are displayed in a tree structure.

You access the maintenance screen at: http://<host:port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/

The variables host and port are the hostname and connection port of your Integration Server.

The system prompts you to log on with a user name and a password. A user with J2EE security role administer is required.This J2EE role is mapped to role SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR_J2EE in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP as the default setting.

This URL provides a Web-based interface for editing the exchange profile.

After any modifications, you must restart the Integration Server in order for the changes to take effect.

Use the Connection link to connect to the main database of PI. Enter the RFC connection parameters for the Integration Server; the standard user is PILDUSER. After the connection parameters are set, the profile main page is displayed again, now showing the database content as a tree structure. In addition, the profile main page provides links to upload a new XML file containing profile parameters, or to download the current configuration as an XML document.