Activating an HTTP Service on the Receiver System


You have to activate an HTTP service on your receiver business system to enable the Integration Engine to receive XML messages using HTTP.

The HTTP services are deactivated by default. After every change you have to activate them again.


To activate an HTTP service performs the following steps:

       1.      Call the maintenance function of the HTTP services (transaction SICF).

       2.      Open default_host ® sap ® xi ®engine.

Double-click engine to see the default settings for the service engine.

       3.      Activate the service.

To do this, select the service and choose Activate Service in the context menu.

The logon data (user, password, client, and language) is dynamically transferred in the HTTP header fields during an HTTP call of the service. For more information, see Communication Channel.

Since transaction SICF is a cross-client transaction, you have to create an HTTP service for each client (for each business system) in this case. Proceed as follows:


       1.      Select engine, and choose Create Host/Service.

       2.      Enter a new name (engine_srm_010, for example).

       3.      Select Reference to an existing service.

       4.      Enter a description and choose the Alias Trgt tab page.

       5.      Select engine and save your alias.

       6.      Choose Local Object.

       7.      Activate the alias.

Select the alias and choose Activate Link in the context menu.