Maintaining the IDoc Sender System


This topic describes the handling of IDocs with partner function LS (logical system) in the IDoc control header. IDocs with other partner functions like LI or KU are described in a separate topic.


To be able to send and receive IDocs, you have to set up the classic ALE customizing.


Assuming you have a running ALE scenario, you have to switch the used ALE port to a new port pointing to the Integration Server.


       1.      Call transaction SM59 to maintain an RFC destination from the IDoc sender system to the Integration Server. The type of this RFC destination is usually an ABAP connection, for example RFC_RCV_089. Specify a service user with the role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER (such as PIAPPLUSER) as the user.

       2.      Use ALE customizing transaction WE21 to create a new port (for example RCV_089) of type transactional RFC. Use the RFC destination created above.

       3.      Use ALE customizing transaction WE20 to maintain the partner profile and partner number, for example of type logical system: RCVCLNT089/LS.

Also maintain the message type (and basic type) to be sent as Outbound parameters, and register the port maintained in step 2 as the Receiver port.

You can use transaction Display IDoc (WE02) in the sender system to evaluate if and how a particular IDoc is sent.

For more information, see Application Link Enabling (ALE).