High Availability


The following prerequisites apply if you want to run SAP NetWeaver usage type PI in a high availability environment.

?      SAP Web Dispatcher

SAP Web Dispatcher enables HTTP load balancing between SAP NetWeaver ASinstances.

In an HA environment, we recommend that you install the SAP Web Dispatcher as an additional component into an existing SAP cluster group or package.

The SAP system setup tool SAPinst supports the installation of a standalone SAP Web Dispatcher instance. It is also possible, however, to run SAP Web Dispatcher as a standalone program or service.

For information about SAP Web Dispatcher, see Operating the SAP Web Dispatcher.

?      A load balanced set-up of HTTP, RFC, and RMI connections.

?      Configuration changes to the following components:

0       Local System Landscape Directory

0       Exchange profile

0       User management engine

0       Integration Server

0       Central Adapter Engine

0       Central monitoring server

0       Dialog instance

The following parameters are used to describe the required configuration steps.

Parameter description:



<virtual host>

SAP Web Dispatcher and SCS message server host name


SAP Web Dispatcher HTTP port


SAP Web Dispatcher HTTPS port


SCS message server HTTP port


SCS message server HTTPS port


SAP system ID


Default RFC logon group SPACE


Leave blank


The following restrictions apply if you want to run SAP NetWeaver usage type PI in a high availability environment.

?      Sender JMS adapter

If you use a sender JMS adapter for messages with quality of service EOIO (Exactly Once In Order), you must specify the Processing J2EE Cluster Server (Cluster ID).

For more information, see Configuring the Sender JMS Adapter.

In an HA environment, this requires either of the following:

0       a manual switchover to a different J2EE cluster server (if necessary)

0       a setup of an additional HA-enabled AS instance