Connecting to the Integration Server


Perform the following steps to create the HTTP destination for connecting your business system to the Integration Server:


       1.      Call transaction SM59 and create an HTTP destination (destination of type H).

The system displays the HTTP connections may not be secure message. This does not apply in this case and you can ignore the message.

       2.      On the Technical Settings tab page, enter the HTTP address that the local Integration Engine uses to send messages to the Integration Server.

For security reasons, it is recommended that you use HTTPS. For more information, see HTTP and SSL in the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Security Guide.

The HTTP address consists of the following information:



Target Host

pwdf0740, for example

Service No. (HTTP or HTTPS port)

8040, for example

Path Prefix (path in the HTTP service tree of the SAP NetWeaver AS)


If the system displays the Query String Not Allowed message, you can ignore it.

To find out the number of the HTTP or HTTPS port (service number), see the ICM Monitor of the relevant Integration Server (call transaction SMICM and then Goto ® Services).

       3.      On the Logon/Security tab page, enter the following logon data:

0     Language

0     Client

0     User: PIAPPLUSER (for example); this user should represent the sending business system (see also Service Users for Message Exchange in the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Security Guide).

0     Password: the password you have specified for this user

The PIAPPLUSER user and password that are specified here as an example (or any other user that you may specify instead) must exist on the Integration Server with the role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER (service user role for application systems).

For security reasons, it is recommended that you create different users in the Integration Server, one for each business system.