Creating the HTTP Destination pmistore


The HTTP destination pmistore is required for the Process Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI). See also Configuring End-to-End Monitoring.

This task corresponds to template step 18.


Perform the following steps:


       1.      Start the Visual Administrator on your Integration Server host.

       2.      Choose Cluster ® Server ® Services ® Destinations.

       3.      In the right frame select the HTTP node in the Runtime tab.

       4.      Choose New.

       5.      Enter the string pmistore as destination name.

Use lowercase letters only.

       6.      Choose HTTP ® pmistore and enter at least the following:

0     URL: http://<pi_host>:<ABAP_Port>/sap/bc/spi_gate.

The following naming convention applies for <ABAP_HTTP_Port>: 80<xx>.

You can find the required port number by running transaction SMICM and choosing Goto ® Services.

0     Select BASIC as Authentication.

0     Username: PIRWBUSER

0     Password: Enter the password that you entered during installation.

       7.      Choose Save.