Configuring Message Archiving for the Adapter Engine

To enable message archiving for the Adapter Engine, the following configuration steps are required for the XML Data Archiving Service (DAS) of the J2EE Engine.

       1.      Creation of the XML DAS Administration destination

Use the Destinations service of the Visual Administrator to create an HTTP destination for the XML DAS Administration.

       2.      Definition of the archive store

Open the XML DAS Administration as a browser application by using the address and logon data you maintained in the destination created in the previous step.

       3.      Synchronization and display of the home path of archiving sets

When synchronizing the home path of archiving sets, enter the Home Path /<SYSID>/xi_af_msg/, specifying the SYSID of your J2EE Engine installation.

Select the archive store you defined in the previous step.

For detailed information about how to configure XML message archiving, see Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service. See also the XML Data Archiving - Configuration Guide for J2EE Applications on SAP Service Marketplace at

For more information about archiving messages, see Background Processing.