Unit 10: Third Test


You start your workflow in dialog and three steps are executed: Two activities, for creating and checking a notification of absence, and one user decision.


Starting the workflow, filling out and checking the notification of absence, user decision

  1. If you are still in the Workflow Builder, choose .

    The Test Workflow screen is then displayed. The number of your workflow is entered.

    If you are no longer in the Workflow Builder, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Runtime Tools ® Test Workflow). Enter the number of your workflow or use the F4 input help.

  2. Choose .

    You go to the screen Create Notification of Absence.

    From the requester’s perspective

  3. Fill out the notification of absence and choose .

    When you save the notification of absence, you are directly able to approve or reject the notification of absence as the superior (reason: advance with immediate dialog).

    From the superior’s perspective

  4. Do not approve the notification of absence.
  5. Choose .

If the notification of absence is not approved, the next step in the workflow definition is the user decision. The requester was entered as the agent for the step. The decision is therefore offered to you again as the requester (reason: advance with immediate dialog).

From the requester’s perspective

You are given three options:

  • Revise request?
  • Withdraw request?
  • Cancel

It is irrelevant which option you choose since you have not defined any follow-up steps. You should start the workflow several times and try out the different options. The complete process flow can be checked each time in the work item analysis or workflow outbox.