Designing a Web Form to Process a Work Item


You want to design a Web form to process a work item in the Web-Workplace.


A namespace template and a package must be defined in Customizing. To do so, execute the activity Name range maintenance for task-related transactions in Customizing for SAP Business Workflow.

Process Flow

  1. Define a Web Form Task that can be executed with a web form. This task must reference the HTMLProcess method of the FORM object type. The elements of the task container that are to be displayed or changed during execution must fulfill the following conditions:
      • Indicator as export element if its value is to be changed when execution takes place.
      • Indicator as import element if its value is to be displayed when execution takes place.
      • Data type reference to an ABAP dictionary field

Multiline elements or elements that reference an object or structure are not supported.

  1. You use this task in an activity in a workflow definition. Here, you must define the binding between the elements in the task container and the corresponding elements in the workflow container.
  2. Allow the system to generate a Web Transaction to execute the task, that is, that processes the export elements of the task container or displays the import elements.

    A Web transaction is an SAP transaction that must be designed in a way that the screen layout can be called from an HTML page. For more information, see Generating Web Transactions.

  3. Following this, you generate an ITS Service and four HMTL Templates from this transaction in the Object Navigator.

An ITS service essentially comprises an ITS service description, HTML templates (one for every screen in the Web transaction) and language-support files. For more information, see Generating HTML Templates.