Creation of Events for Test Purposes


You can use this function to create an event for test purposes. This can be used, for example, to start a task or a workflow via an event, and hence check the definition and functionality of triggering events.

This function is purely a test function that you do not use in normal operation. The object status change that is normally reported by the event did not occur.


To create an event for test purposes, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Utilities ® Events ® Create event.

  1. Describe the event to be triggered with object type and event ID.
  2. Enter an object key so that the event is generated for a unique object.
  3. Decide how the receiver function module is to be called:

    Trigger receiver FM with delay

    The system calls the receiver function module as a tRFC with a delay of 10 minutes. In the meantime, you can call the tRFC log under your name (Environment ® RFC queue) in order to call the receiver function module in the debugger from there. The call is then made in a separate logical context.

    Trigger receiver FM synchronously

    The system calls the receiver function module synchronously. You have the opportunity to trace the determination of the receiver (search in linkage table) and the call to the receiver function module in the debugger, and to branch to the receiver called.

    Activate the debugging mode via the OK code /h before triggering the event.

    The receiver is called in the event manager context.

  4. Select Create event.

If the expected reaction to the event created does not occur, check whether the event is entered as a triggering event of a task and whether the linkage is activated.