Binding Definition from Method Container


You can define a binding from methods to the task container.


As standard, the method container is copied completely to the task container after editing of a synchronous object method at runtime.

You can define this binding definition when defining a task. Only do this if you have defined your own binding from the method to the task container and you want to transfer the export parameter of the method to the task container.

If you define the binding of the method to the task container, you also have to define the binding from the task to the method container. The content of the container is only automatically copied to the relevant target container if you do not define either of the two bindings.

Catering for the container elements _WI_Object_ID and _WI_Result

The container elements _WI_Object_ID and _WI_Result of the task container are not incorporated into the binding definition between the method container and the task container.

At runtime, the system ensures that:

  • If an object is created for a method, the reference to the generated object is entered in the container element _WI_Object_ID.
  • The result (if applicable) of the method is entered in the container element _WI_Result.


For more information, see Operation of the Binding Editor.