Interface Check Existence


The method ExistenceCheck cannot be implemented generally for the interface Check existence. You must therefore implement this method for each of your object types. In the implementation, you scan the database fields concerned and check whether the object identified by the key fields actually exists.

The interface Check existence is always supported if the standard interface is supported. You must redefine the method ExistenceCheck so that it can be used effectively.

Exceptions for the method

The exception Object does not exist is defined for the method ExistenceCheck under the number 0001 in the interface Check existence. You must implement this exception at the appropriate point in the program. Use the following macro instruction:


Other methods (for example, the method Find ) call the method ExistenceCheck in their implementations. Every object type should support this interface (and therefore this method).


Position the cursor on the entry with a blue background that has the component name Interfaces, and choose . Enter IFEXIST in the input field.

For more information, see Implementation of Method ExistenceCheck.