Outcomes Tab Page


The specifications you make on this tab page determine the outcomes of the step for which you want to model a reaction. If reactions to missed deadlines are modeled, the outcomes defined for the relevant missed deadline are only displayed here.


On this tab page you can only activate the outcomesProcessing obsolete and Document could not be created. All other outcomes are determined by the system and activated automatically.

The following table shows all possible outcomes:

The outcome is …

This outcome exists if ...

Notes and comments

Document could not be created


Defined exception for the method of the standard document task.

Task executed synchronously


You cannot deactivate this outcome.

Processing rejected

The indicator Processing can be rejected is set.

If processing of the relevant work item is rejected at runtime (using Reject execution in the Business Workplace), the subsequent steps defined after this exception is executed.

Processing obsolete

The work item can be set to obsolete using a step of the type process control.

The subsequent steps defined after this exception are executed.

This outcome should only be activated if a step is contained in the modeled reaction to a missed deadline that sets the work item of this step as obsolete.

Requested end

Latest end

Latest start

The relevant deadline monitoring is activated and a modeled reaction required.

Within these branches, you can model a process control step that sets the work item of this step to obsolete.

You cannot deactivate this outcome.

Condition for the 'complete work item' is true.

A condition for Complete work item is entered on the Conditions tab page  

If this outcome is displayed, it is always active.

If the indicator Not in the workflow log is set for an outcome, all steps of this branch that are connected to the outcome are not displayed in the graphical workflow log. Further steps are only displayed if this branch is joined with another branch again that is to be displayed.


You activate the outcomes that you want to actually transfer into the workflow definition. Select  in the corresponding line.

Active outcomes are marked with  and have a modeling branch in the workflow definition.

If you deactivate an active outcome, the whole of the associated branch is deleted.

For more information about an outcome, select it and choose Detail in the context menu.