Defining the Standard Task "Display SAPscript Text"


A SAPscript text has been entered and the object reference is known in the workflow.


  1. Choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Tasks/Task groups ® Create.
  2. Select Standard task in the list field Task and then .
  3. Enter the following data:

    Abbreviation: Any abbreviation from your namespace

    Description: Any task description

    Work item text: Any text to identify the work item in the Business Workplace

    Object type: STD_TEXT


  4. Select .

    Agent assignment

  5. Choose Additional data ® Agent assignment ® Maintain to specify the possible agents for this single-step task.
  6. Select .


You have defined a single-step task that enables a SAPscript text to be displayed when it is executed. The text to be displayed must be an object reference to an object of the type STD_TEXT in the container element _WI_Object_ID of the task container.