Workflow Trace


All important internal process flow information is logged in the workflow trace.

The information in the workflow trace is much more detailed than that in the workflow log. You must have more in-depth knowledge of the internal process flows of the workflow system to interpret this information.


Switch workflow trace on/off

To activate/deactivate the workflow trace for the whole system, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Utilities ® Workflow Trace ® On/Off. All workflows and work items that you start or execute after activating the workflow trace are logged.

Display workflow trace

To display the workflow trace, choose Tools ® Business Workflow ® Development ® Utilities ® Workflow Trace ® Display.

Deleting the log file

Whenever the workflow trace is activated, a new log file is created.

You specify how often these log files should be deleted in SAP Business Workflow Customizing.

Workflow trace for one workflow

You can activate the workflow trace for one workflow.

Workflow is started by an event:

  • Proceed in the system until the point where your next action will start the workflow.

Example: Start in dialog

    • Call the transaction for starting workflows and select the workflow to be started.
    • Do not choose Start workflow yet.

Example: Start with the event created

    • Create an application document using the application transaction.
    • Do not choose Save yet.
  • Now activate the workflow trace in a parallel session.
  • Continue the transaction up to the point where the event has definitely been created or the workflow started.
  • Now deactivate the workflow trace again. The workflow started is still logged.

Workflow is started by you

When testing a workflow, you can simultaneously activate the workflow trace. For more information, see Testing Workflows.

Workflow trace for an individual work item

If you do not want to activate the workflow trace for a workflow until the workflow's runtime, you can start the workflow trace for a work item. The selected work item and all work items that are then associated with it are logged in the workflow trace.

Process Flow

To activate/deactivate the workflow trace, position the cursor on one of the entries displayed by the work item selection and choose Edit ® Work item ® Activate Workflow trace.