Definition of a Task Group


You define Task Groups if you want to collect and group tasks (only Standard Tasks) and workflows (only Workflow Template), that are connected as far as logic or content is concerned. You can also collect other task groups within a task group, hence making hierarchies of task groups.

Task groups are not restricted within applications. You can collect tasks and workflows from within one application component as well as tasks and workflows from various application components.

A task or workflow can be used in several task groups.

You can use task groups to delimit the search range when calling the Business Workflow Explorer.


The application component is also available as a collective evaluation criterion for tasks and workflows. Each task and workflow is assigned to an application component automatically using its package.


You define the task group with its basic data and enter the tasks, workflows and task groups that it is to contain. Enter a description for the task group.

Agent assignment

It is not necessary to assign possible agents to a task group. If you do, the possible agents are passed on to all the tasks, workflows and task groups contained.


You should adhere to the following sequence when defining task groups (and analyzing existing task groups):



Maintain abbreviation and name.

The system assigns the identifying number of the task group when saving.

Tab page Basic data

Maintain task description.

Tab page Description

Enter tasks, workflows and task groups that are to be collected in this task group.

Tab pages Standard tasks, Workflow templates and Task groups

Maintain agent assignment

Extras ® Agent assignment ® Maintain

Graphical representation of the hierarchy of the task group, including the subordinate task groups.