Selection Schedule


You use a selection schedule to define which work items are selected and when. The actual selection process is performed by the report SWN_SELSEN. For this report to be executed you must schedule a corresponding job (see also: Report for Selecting and Delivering). There are no naming conventions for schedules.

Date/Time of Selection

You can define your own schedules for different days of the week and times. Furthermore, you can define the time intervals within a certain time period during which the work items are to be selected.

Scope of Selection

To define which work items need to be selected, specify the required filter. Note that system performance is affected by your choice of filter.

Deactivating Schedules

If you do not require a particular schedule at present, you can deactivate it by not specifying a week day. To activate a schedule again, simply enter the week day on which require the selection to be made.