Trace and Log Files

Trace and log information are written in standard log format into the Solution Manager Diagnostics’ log directory, location: <J2EE home>/cluster/server<n>/log:

?     applications.<n>.log:

Consists of error and startup information of Solution Manager Diagnostics applications.

?     defaultTrace.<n>.trc:

Contains detailed information of Solution Manager Diagnostics applications.

Security Considerations for SMD Debugging

The SMD also enables you to use an additional trace file for SMD debugging by entering the value X-CorrelationID for the property LogHeaderValue.

When you enable the use of this trace file, the J2EE Engine creates the debugging trace in the additional trace file smdresponses.<n>.trc. By default, the J2EE Engine uses the file system directory <J2EE home>/cluster/server<N>/log/system/httpaccess for the location of this trace file.

To facilitate the debugging process when this trace is enabled, the J2EE Engine does not apply masking filters for security information to this trace file.

To prevent the disclosure of unmasked security data that the trace file can contain, we recommend that you delete the additional debugging trace file after you complete the SMD debugging process.

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