Planning the Position Plan


The planning application Planning the Position Plan simplifies the annual process of creating a position plan by providing a planning system (BW-BPS) in which you can enter and evaluate data for planning the position plan. All positions and the occupied positions you use as a basis for the plan are extracted from the operative systems and written to the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP-BW). This ensures that the position plan is planned on the basis of current data and everyone involved in the planning process accesses the same data. You can either enter the new plan data in BW-BPS or have the default values calculated automatically and then adjust them manually.

This planning application is only available for customers of Organizational Management for Public Services.

Process Flow

This is the process from the system point of view: the data to be used for planning the position plan is extracted from the operative system to the SAP BW InfoCube 0PSM_C41. This InfoCube contains the number of positions for the past and current years which could be useful for the planning. The new positions are planned in the SAP BW system (BW-BPS) on the basis of the data of this InfoCube. The planned positions are saved in the InfoCube 0PSM_C41P in SAP BW. Then a plan/actual comparison is made using queries of the multiprovider 0PSM_MP02 that contains the data of the cubes mentioned. The following diagram illustrates the process explained above:

The standard planning application that you can use as a template for planning the position plan in your organization assumes that the positions are entered in the departments and then revised by the person responsible for the position plan. The positions and the occupied positions of the current year are used as guide for planning the following year. You can create default values by copying this data and adjusting it manually.

Since the planning is carried out in two steps (department, person responsible for position plan) and the status of the data should be documented in the system, the planned data is saved in different versions.  The department copies plan data using a planning function or automatically between versions.

Set a data slice to ensure that plan data of a particular version is not changed again.