Build and Deploy the Archive File


The next step in this tutorial is to build and deploy the archive file that contains the actions.xml file.


The Navigator is displayed in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

The quick car rental application’s projects are displayed in the Navigator.



       1.      Select the LocalDevelopment~<ProjectName> project, open the context menu and choose Development Component ® Build.

       2.      In the dialog that follows, select your actions and choose OK.

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio creates a software development archive (SDA) with the name<ProjectName>.sda under LocalDevelopment~<ProjectName> ® gen ® default ®deploy. This archive contains the UME archive file, which contains the actions.xml file.

       3.      Select the<ProjectName>.sda file, open the context menu and choose Deploy.

The actions are deployed to the J2EE Engine.

Next Step:

In the next steps, you will perform the administrative tasks necessary so that you can test the permission checks in your application.

If you are working with the J2EE-based tutorial, see Creating the Users.

If you are working with the Web Dynpro tutorial, then continue with Creating the Users.